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BPI Unveils Brake Industry Game Changer at AAPEX

BPI’s David Overbeeke Reveals the Secret to Unprecedented Braking Control

McHenry, IL — November 4, 2013 - Brake Parts Inc, the makers of Raybestos brand brakes, is once again leading the industry with revolutionary braking technology. In 1982, BPI brought non-asbestos (NAO) and semi-metallic disc formulas into the Aftermarket. In 1998, they introduced the first ceramic formulation. At the 2013 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, Brake Parts Inc introduced Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT™) to the braking world.

“This is a real game changer for the Aftermarket,” said David Overbeeke, President and CEO of BPI. “Element3™ brake pads with EHT give our customers a real selling advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Enhanced Hybrid Technology is a breakthrough innovation that combines the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic into one brake pad formulation. Ceramic formulations are a popular choice among technicians and DIYers given their reputation for quiet operation and performance. At the same time, semi-metallic formulations deliver better wear and durability; especially in severe use and high heat environments.

As popular as ceramic pads have become, they are not perfect for every application. For example, some ceramic pad formulations are prone to rust jacking on the inboard side of the rotor, especially in the snow and salt belts of US and Canada. In addition, ceramic formulations have a high copper content; as much as 20-25% in some pads. This is an issue since all brake pads must contain less than 5% copper by 2021, to comply with the mandated copper reduction legislation, and .5% by 2025.

To address some of these issues, and to meet the upcoming copper compliance legislation, BPI took on the challenge of developing new brake pad formulations. After more than two years in development, BPI has released the world’s first Enhanced Hybrid Technology brake pad... Element3.

Overbeeke said, “EHT exceeds our performance expectations at every level. The quiet operation, cleaner wheels and improved stopping power are amazing. You can really feel the difference.”

Element3 includes extensive coverage for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks, with concentration in applications 10 years old or newer. The product line is enhanced with an exclusive Quiet Steel® shim for additional noise damping and quieter operation. And for a complete repair, hardware is included on a majority of applications; ensuring the brake pad installation is done right.

To learn more about Element3, the world’s first enhanced hybrid brake pad, go to or visit AAPEX booth #838. For further information on Raybestos brand brake parts, visit or call 800-323-0354.

Brake Parts Inc (BPI) is one of the leading global manufacturers of braking systems in the transportation industry. The BPI brake product line includes everything from brake pads and rotors, to drums, shoes, calipers, hydraulic parts and wheel hubs for the light and medium duty market. Raybestos® brakes are used by top racing teams in NASCAR® competition such as Joe Gibbs Racing and Roush Fenway Racing. Visit for more information about Raybestos brand brakes.

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