History and Tradition

The Raybestos® brand is a name firmly rooted in a proud tradition of innovative product design and manufacturing excellence. The premier brand of replacement products since 1902, the Raybestos® brand name has changed the way people think about brake products and brake performance with continual innovations and dedication to quality. It all began with two young men, Arthur H. Raymond and Arthur F. Law, in a converted barn in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Raybestos® brand products have led the industry since the invention of woven brake lining in 1906.

Proud highlights include a crucial role in World War I and II, providing brake lining material by the mile for tanks and trucks and later heavy bombers, as well as ninety percent of aircraft supercharger drive system materials. From the 30-minute brake band for the legendary Model "T" to today's highest quality complete line of brake products, the Raybestos® brand name is highly regarded for its record as the industry leader.

Another important first occurred in 1924. Taking a leadership role, the manufacturers of Raybestos® brand products identified the need for brake clinics to train brake service professionals who were dealing with rapidly changing technology. These clinics are still being held today, training thousands of technicians each year.

In the 1950s Raybestos® brand products began to be used in auto racing, a relationship which continues today.

Through racing, the opportunity to test braking materials under the most severe stopping conditions is accomplished.  Because brakes are the most vital  system to the safety of a vehicle, manufacturers of the Raybestos® brand products invest heavily in there search and development of the entire brake system.

For more than 100 years, Raybestos® brand products have been setting the benchmark for premium quality brake parts. Providing customers with the most advanced brake pad and rotor technology, as well as staying ahead of the competition, illustrates a continuous commitment to research and development. The Raybestos® brand is a name trusted for its commitment to safety, innovation, and quality.

Comfort in Safety    

The  automotive manufacturer builds into his particular car those units  which he knows will give satisfactory service for the life of the unit. The brakes are designed to provide you with "comfort in  safety",but only so long as the brake lining is in perfect condition.

The  manufacturer does his utmost to assure safety. Yet, his responsibility is limited. After the car is in your hands, the responsibility rests upon you. Brakes need occasional adjustment and, intime, brake lining will become worn and require renewal.

To obtain the same measure of safety which the manufacturer intended  should be yours, you must have the brakes inspected and adjusted  periodically.

Your  garage man can readily render this service, and if new silver edge Raybestos brake lining is needed he will apply it by the Raybestos Method which means - "COMFORT IN SAFETY!"

Saturday Evening Post - January 12, 1924

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