The Raybestos ® brand engineering team is proud to have NASCAR ®'s Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR), based in Huntersville, North Carolina, as one of its premiere technical partners across all of motorsports. The owners, drivers, crew chiefs and engineers at JGR work alongside Raybestos engineers to continually refine and improve the brand’s racing brake packages and severe-duty chassis parts.

JGR’s #11, #18 and #20 Toyotas exclusively run the complete Raybestos Sprint Cup® brakes package.

Raybestos/Wix Darlington Nationwide Car
Driver: Denny Hamlin
Sprint Cup: #11 Toyota Camry
Crew Chief: Chris Ford


“The Raybestos brakes were amazing. This is probably the best I’ve ever felt, as far as brake package… it just seems like every time we come here we have a little bit better brake package than what we did before. And it just seemed like this one, no matter how hard I use them, we have no temperature, we don’t show any temperature and ultimately it helps us run harder and not maybe pay the consequence of maybe blowing a tire in the long run. I had a hard pedal all day. Look at 90 percent of my passes that happened today. It was because I dive bombed somebody getting in corner and out braked them.”

− Denny Hamlin, driver of the JGR #11 FedEx Toyota, after winning his third straight race at Martinsville in October 2010

Driver: Kyle Busch
Sprint Cup: #18 Toyota Camry
Crew Chief: Dave Rogers


“We had some good stopping power… I really thank Raybestos brakes and all the work that they do for us giving us the best possible brakes that are out there. It’s fun to go to the short tracks. It’s a big deal at short tracks. You’ve got to have the best brakes in the business and Raybestos brakes are the best. We’ve gotten a package that really works for our cars and the guys have really worked hard on those. That’s probably one of the departments that takes the most criticism from me on the short track stuff [smiles], but those guys work hard and they deserve what they got tonight.”

− Kyle Busch, driver of the JGR #18 M&Ms Toyota, after JGR’s third straight win at Richmond

Driver: Joey Logano
Sprint Cup: #20 Toyota Camry
Crew Chief: Greg Zipadelli
“Obviously we had no problems.  Everything kind of went our way.  We had plenty of problems, but we didn’t have any problems with our brakes.  Everything worked well.  They seemed to do what they needed to do and that’s most important.”


– Greg Zipadelli, Crew Chief of the JGR #20 Home Depot Toyota, after driver Joey Logano’s first Cup win at Loudon in June 2009 



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