Advanced Technology® Engineering Design and Testimonials

Hard turns, hard on the brakes, high rates of speed- this testing wear and tears on vehicle components helping us to determine where to focus our attention during repair work. However, I’ve never seen anything that work the way Raybestos brand Police friction does. In this day and age with budgetary constraints we have to get the best and longest-lasting products we can with the money we spend. We’ve tried and awful lot of brake products at Ingham County- tested just about everything there is to test – and Raybestos Police friction has always been the answer. Their product is far superior and they’re always striving to make it better.

-Stephen DeKett, Master Mechanic, Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

Stephen DeKett, Testimonial Police Brakes Development and Testing

The First Aftermarket Brand to Earn D 3 EA ® PPSV ® Certification
Dual Dynamometer Differential Effectiveness Analysis ( D 3 EA ) Police and Public Service Vehicle ( PPSV ) Certification is the only voluntary, objective and completely independent validation process for replacement brake friction materials that provides a basis for maintaining compliance with a new vehicle Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards ( FMVSS ) requirements.

PPSV certification captures the critical system level performance characteristics of police and has established performance requirements that may surpass those imposed by Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s).

Based upon leading edge laboratory test technology and data analysis, PPSV certification utilizes independently administered , state-of-the-art dual-end brake dynamometer testing. PPSV certified replacement brake friction materials parts are validated in match sets (front brake and rear brake parts tested together) and meet or exceed performance requirements based on Federal Standards for new vehicles.
BR>"Speed rated" PPSV products have been subjected to the high-speed performance requirements of FMVSS 135. Replacement brake parts bearing the "Speed Rated" PPSV seal have met stringent, objective requirements for effectiveness, fluid displacement and service brake pedal force gain (pedal force and pedal travel) while being exposed to elevated operating temperatures.

Nothing is more critical than the braking performance of Police vehicles. To assure these systems perform properly, look for the D3EA PPVS Certified Seal when servicing your police patrol vehicle.

Validated with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) Dynamometer Simulation Test
Another procedure used to prove our materials in LASD dyno test. It is run by independent testing facility on a single ended inertia-dynamometer. It will simulate the LASD "Law Enforcement Vehicle Test" utilized for publishing test results to agencies across North America. It features high-speed sections that simulates police pursuit conditions.

Nationwide Police Fleet Testing
We work with several police fleets to evaluate the performance of our materials for comparison against market competition. The Raybestos® brand police material has been fleet tested to over 1 million miles before market release. This validates the testing research done to this product to ensure proper brake operation.

Link: 2013 Police Fleet Expo Offering