Raybestos® Brand Police Loaded Calipers

Produced with specialized high-temperature silicone, Raybestos Advanced Technology® Police loaded calipers are built to satisfy every braking situation, including high-speed pursuits. Loaded with premium Raybestos brand Police disc brake pads, our calipers deliver reliable performance officers can depend day after day.

  • High-temperature silicone boot prevents overheating
  • Silicone withstands double the temperature of a typical EPDM rubber boot for a sustained period of time
  • Pre-lubrication of critical components with high-temperature synthetic lubricant
  • Remanufactured with new bleeder screws, mounting bolts, sleeves and copper washers
  • New phenolic pistons (where OE is phenolic) and mounting brackets (where applicable)
  • "Quiet on Arrival" (QOA®) technology ensures quiet arrival on scene.

During the most intense high-speed police pursuit, temperatures inside a braking system can exceed 600°F. More and more departments are reporting "thermal events" where the dust boots assembled in their cruisers are overheating and melting. Generally, a typical EPDM rubber dust boot can only withstand temperatures up to 300°F and for only brief periods of time. This is a problem.

The high-temperature silicone dust boot en every Raybestos Police-Pursuit Loaded Caliper can withstand double the temperature of a traditional EPDM rubber boot, up to 600°F, for a sustained period of time.

In addition, every Raybestos brand Police caliper is loaded with our Advanced Technology Police disc brake pads.

Raybestos Police Calipers

Typical Passenger Car Calipers



High-temperature silicone boot used in every Raybestos® brand police caliper can withstand up to 600°F

Traditional EPDM rubber boots can only withstand temperatures up to 300°F before overheating or melting

Tested at: 500°F for 4 hours.

Results: Silicone boot remained flexible with no deterioration.

Conclusion: Sustained performance under pressure.

Tested at: 500°F for 4 hours.

Results: Melted EPDM rubber boot has hardened and ready to flake.

Conclusion: Replacement necessary.

Silicone dust boots in Raybestos brand loaded calipers cand withstand double the heat of traditional EPDM rubber for a sustained period of time… that’s staying cool under pressure.

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