Boost Braking Performance

Offer your customers a quick and easy way to improve braking performance with NEW Raybestos® drag reduction clips. The progressive OE designs are now available for a wide range of vehicles to help drivers achieve:
• Better fuel economy
• Reduced brake wear
• Less brake noise
• Lower braking temperatures

Reducing Brake Drag Helps Achieve:
• Reduced Noise
• Extended Pad Life
• Increased Gas Mileage
• Enhanced Vehicle Performance

What is brake drag?
Brake drag is unwanted contact between the friction material and the braking surface when the brakes are not being engaged. Brake drag can cause:
• Increased vehicle rolling resistance
• Increased brake system temperatures
• Increased brake component wear

How it works
The springs provide positive pressure to the brake friction… keeping it separated from the braking surface when the brakes are not applied. This applied pressure is light enough that it has no effect on the braking system when the brakes are applied.

Raybestos Brakes Drag Reduction Clips PDF Format