Low Frequency Damper

Eliminate Low Frequency Moans, Groans and Squeals

Low frequency noise cannot be suppressed using traditional methods like brake grease, pad shims or Quiet Clips™, which only work for high frequency noise.

Effective solutions for the problem applications listed below are Raybestos low frequency dampers. The dampers are specially tuned to the frequency of those specific applications to help reduce the low frequency noise occurring in the rear calipers.

Raybestos low frequency dampers incorporate an energy absorbing compound that eliminates low frequency vibration in the 0-2000Hz range… helping reduce low frequency noise for many problem applications.

Problem OE Platforms

H14350 2004-11  Ford F150
H14350 2005-08  Lincoln Mark LT
H14351 2007-11  Lincoln Town Car
H14351 2010-11 Ford Ranger
H14351 2005-11  Mercury Grand Marquis
H14351 2004-11  Ford Crown Victoria
H14352 2011-12 Ford Explorer
H14352 2011-12 Lincoln MKX
H14352 2011-12 Ford Edge
H14352 2009-12  Ford Flex
H14352 2009-12  Lincoln MKS
H14352 2010-12  Ford Taurus
H14352 2010-12  Lincoln MKT
H14353 2011-12 Chevy Cruze
H14353 2011-12 Chevy Volt

NOTE: The Raybestos damper is designed to dampen out low frequency groan noise that is very inherent to many new vehicle platforms. This type of noise cannot be canceled out with a typical shim, which is designed to cancel higher frequency noise.

New Low Frequency Damper Brochure - PDF Format