Raybestos Air Disc Brakes

Better Performance, Durability and Coverage

Raybestos® air disc brakes offer better stopping power and unmatched durability because they meet or exceed original design and performance requirements.

Raybestos products are built to perform at the higher speeds and increased horsepower of today’s heavy-duty vehicles. They also accommodate the shorter stopping distances required by current FMVSS 121 regulatory standards for Class 8 vehicles.

Stopping Power
Built to tackle mountains, transit and stop-and-go service requirements

Fade Resistance
Reduces heat buildup to maintain consistent stopping power during
stop-and-go driving and mountainous downgrades

Heat treated to ensure the longest possible service life

Available in a wide range of part numbers for Class 8 trucks and transit applications

Three reasons you should choose Raybestos Linings

Avoid unscheduled brake replacement that can take your commercial vehicle out of service. Raybestos air disc brakes help reduce the chance of a red tag.

1.  Di-chromate and powder coated finishes are applied to prevent corrosion... this maximizes service life by adding an extra barrier to water and deicing chemicals
2. FMVSS 121 testing... extensively tested in the lab and in the field for long-lasting performance
3. Mechanical attachment with NRS® technology provides the most secure bond... withstands extreme heat and chemicals to ensure safe braking performance in emergency conditions... can withstand 500 hours in salt spray (according to the standards of the American Society of Testing Materials)


Rust jacking is becoming more prevalent as many regions change from using salt to calcium chloride or magnesium chloride on winter roads. The mechanical attachment on a Raybestos air disc brake prevents rust from separating the brake lining from the brake plate.