Raybestos R-300 Performance Rotors deliver everything serious drivers expect… improved pedal feel, lasting rust prevention and increased pad life. Towing and high performance vehicles experience stronger bite without sacrificing smooth braking.

• Patented S-Groove Slot Designs for Improved Pedal Feel*
Maximizes pad to rotor contact; stronger bite, smoother braking and increased pad life

*Patent: D640,620

• Vehicle Specific Vane Configurations

Match OE; optimal cooling, reduced fade and increased pad life

• Application Specific Iron
Suppresses noise; keeps brakes running cool, quiet and vibration free

• Rotors meet SAE Standard for tensile strength
OE-matched; G3000 qualified material for structural integrity and maximum service life

• Black Fusion Coating
Improves appearance for a clean, finished look

• Grey Fusion Coating
Can withstand 300 hours of saltwater exposure*; reduces rust for optimal airflow and cooling

*As proven by salt spray test regulation STM-B117

• Non-directional Rotation

Can be used on all four corners of the vehicle; no right and left part numbers

• Tightest Lateral Runout
0.002″ or less for less pedal pulsation and brake noise; extended pad life

• Minimal Thickness Variation
Thickness variation less than 0.0004″; less pedal pulsation and brake noise

• Mill Balanced
100% validation ensures proper balance; minimizes vibration